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Day 4 :: Open air train ride in Kanchanaburi. The dramatic views from the bridges (where yes, you can hang out of the sides of the train car) were worth the wait. And wait we did, the trains didn't exactly run on time but that was part of the charm. We snacked on ice cream and cold tea as we waited ...

Days 10 & 11 :: The train here in Bangkok is really nice, clean and organized. Once you jump on the trains/subways during rush hour ... is when you really start to feel a party of a city! Get a Rabbit card, makes everything easier.

Day 3 :: Dheva Mantra Resort & Spa. After visiting the Bridge over River Kwai, we arrived at this beautiful property that fuses traditional thai architecture with colonial influences with its location right on the River. My corner room had two balconies that overlooked the jungle and the river.

Day 9 :: This is another experience that the Sarojin can arrange for you ... didn't do this but we did have a private wine tasting which BTW, MB of @Jetset Extra won with her worldly palate ...

Bangkok's Mochit is the main terminal in the capital

Day 9 :: This small roadside memorial commemorates the tragedy that took place and the strength and resilience of the Thai people in the wake of the devastation. I was just sad that we didn't have time to visit the orphanage before our plane back to Bangkok. Humbling.

Bangkok Bus Map Route 15-30

Bangkok bus, MRT, BTS - All in one Guide

Day 4 :: The Tiara Restaurant @ Dheva Mantra - Muang Kanchanaburi, Kanchanaburi. The grand staircases and sweeping property views set a nice stage a breakfast buffet with fresh fruit galore. I awoke to the jungle off of one balcony, and the river off of the other balcony before our long drive back to Bangkok.