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How I'm Overcoming Chronic Exhaustion –  chronic exhaustion- Being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease isn't a sentence. It's an opportunity to realize the relationship between your decisions and your health! It's certainly not easy, but it's possible :)

How I'm Overcoming Chronic Exhaustion

What if you want to get healthy without your family's support? Read this open letter to see my response. | via FilteredFamily.com

When Friends and Family Make Living Healthy Difficult

Giving up gluten was not as easy as I thought it would be. So many habits that I had been following for years just wouldn't let go.  But I gave it up for my health and its made a remarkable difference!

My Story: Giving Up Gluten

Natural Mosquito Control: Finally, an easy, non-toxic way to kep your yard mosquito-free all season long! | nontoxic pest control | natural bug control | get rid of mosquitoes | (product review)

Natural Mosquito Control ~ An Effective, Non-Toxic Solution

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Great tips that I will definitely be using on my next vacation! Some of these tips I never thought of. Great ways to keep your family healthy on vacation.

Vacation - How to Keep Your Family Healthy on Vacation

Coming out of your closet: Ash Beckham at TEDxBoulder (Litgram: A 10 minute speech discussing how everyone, everyone, everyone has to go through hard conversations in life and gives advice on how to start and respond to difficult talks. Appropriate for older students only, maybe 13+)

Coming out of your closet: Ash Beckham at TEDxBoulder -- not just gay closet, but any sort of hard conversation that, when ignored, stymies our lives

Toxic Personal Care Ingredients To Avoid.  Stay safe and learn what ingredients to avoid to stay healthy.  Chemicals cause many healthy problems.  http://praylovewellness.com/toxic-personal-care-ingredients/

Toxic personal care ingredients to avoid. Stay healthy by knowing what ingredients to avoid. Reduce exposure to toxic ingredients.

Why you need to start writing down what you are thankful for and how it can actually help your quality of life.

What I Am Grateful For & Why You Need a Gratitude List