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Smithsonian's Spacesuits: Number One On The Runway

Left: A5-L – Apollo Prototype, ILC Industries, 1965; Right: A4-H – Apollo Developmental ILC for Hamilton Standard, 1964

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Eileen Collins, first woman to pilot a space shuttle. Discovery launched on STS-63 in February 1995

Astronauts Irwin and Bull modeling the Apollo IVA (Intravehicular Activity) and (EVA) Extravehicular Activity spacesuits.

Spacesuit was worn by Apollo 14 Commander Alan Shepard. Apollo 14 launched on January 31, 1971 carrying astronauts Alan Shepard, Edgar Mitchell, and Stuart Roosa on a mission to land on the Moon in the Fra Mauro region, the intended landing site of the aborted Apollo 13 mission.

Russian Soyuz Flown Sokol KV-2 pressurized spacesuit.jpg (1000×2037)