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mollie's mom white rooms blue and white bamboo coral tropical style

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Hawaii: Which Is The Best Island To Visit?

Known all over the world for its simple yet outstanding beauty, Discover the best time to visit Hawaii and the best island to visit in Hawaii? (READ MORE)


The Key Ingredients to an Unforgettable Summer Party

There’s something about summer that just makes you want to party. So, let’s put together a fêtê that will have your guests talking well into the winter months. All you need is a little bit of imagination and a few key ingredients to create the best party ever. 1. Kick Up Your Centerpieces Photo Credit: …

Amazing Bamboo - renewable resource. These look like trees, but actually, bamboo is a member of the grass family :)

Bamboo and tropical flowers wedding cake

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Coral Reef Cocoa Island

Cocoa Island Maldives is nominated as one of the best luxury resort for vacation.

Queen Helmet Large Shell, Cassis madagascariensis. This species occurs in the tropical Western Atlantic. The specific name "madagascarensis" literally means "of Madagascar", but this was a misunderstanding of the type locality by the original author. Live specimens of this helmet species can occasionally be found about 30 feet out in the ocean. Because they live so far offshore, the best time to find these shells is at low tide after a storm.

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12 gorgeous animals of the coral reef

Hymenocera picta, commonly known as the harlequin shrimp, is a species of saltwater shrimp found at coral reefs in the tropical Indian and Pacific oceans. It is usually considered the only species in the genus Hymenocera, but some split it into two species: H. picta from the central and east Pacific where the spots are deep pinkish-purple with a yellow edge, and H. elegans from the Indian Ocean and west Pacific where the spots are more brownish and have a blue edge.


Best Beaches in Malaysia

Redang Island Another diving hot spot in Terengganu, that’s not far from Perhentian. One of the largest and most beautiful of the east coast islands, Redang is also the most developed. Redang Archipelago is made of 9 islands that together constitute a protected marine park. With crystal clear waters and some of Malaysia’s best coral reefs, the island offers excellent diving and snorkelling.

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Panchoran Retreat

Panchoran Retreat, Bali. "Voted one of the 10 best villas to rent in Bali, by Conde Nast Traveller." This Waterfall house with yet another unique aspect of the river surrounding you. Is very elegant, contemporary Architecture, its furniture is also modern and minimalist with large movie screen with surround sound system. The walled garden with its plunge pool right beside the river allows you the privacy of the ultimate Adam and Eve moment.