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Proposition 37 - Genetically Engineered Foods Labeling | General Election | California Secretary of State

If you're as utterly disgusted with the outcome of Prop 37 as I am, this article has a good explanation of what went wrong with the campaign. But still, it's unfathomable to me why anyone would vote no to a basic right to know what's in our food.

(NaturalNews) Products labeled "BPA free" may be just as toxic as those made with the increasingly shunned original chemical, according to a study conducted by researchers from the University of Texas and published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives.    Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/038856_BPA-free_BPS_toxic_chemical.html#ixzz2JP6rt7PW

Power-hungry American Dietetic Association attempting to criminalize nutritional consulting in all 50 states

Understanding Food Additives - they're certainly not going to help a touchy tummy, and odds are they will hurt. Avoid if you can!

Very informative and educational piece on food additives. The Truth About Food Additives (Infographic)



GMOs and The Monsanto Protection Act: Our Take  By Jason Leake with 100 Days of Real Food, on April 2nd, 2013

GMOs and the Monsanto Protection Act - Our Take by

Did you know products carrying a USDA Organic Certification do not contain GMOs? America Wants GMO's Labeled Infographic

Say "NO" to GMOs! - free printable guide to the foods with the highest risk of being genetically modified - nongmoproject.org

How to recognize a genetically modified fruit?

Food infographic Happy Earth Day from the Non-GMO Project! Infographic Description Say "NO" to GMOs! - free printable guide to the foods with the highest r

Decade-Long Feeding Study Reveals Significant Health Hazards of Genetically Engineered Foods ~ RiseEarth

Genetically Engineered foods also bad for your health. Seems it is the one causing weight and allergiy problems.

Is tuna safe to eat, post Fukushima??  Tuna migration pacific in Fukushima contamination zone

Is Tuna Safe to Eat Post Fukushima

“Absolutely Every One” – 15 Out of 15 – Bluefin Tuna Tested In California Waters Contaminated with Fukushima Radiation. Please stop eating tuna, watch The Cove, I know someone that was brain damaged after one extra toxic serving of tuna!

awesome free broadcast on food...

Heal your body and the earth with food. parsonstraining-truth-in-health-fitness workout-inspiration healthy-diet

low-carb-fruits-high-carb-fruits Interactive Chart Sugar in Fruit Glucose Fructose Sucrose by CarbSwitch.com

Interactive Chart Sugar in Fruit Glucose Fructose Sucrose by CarbSwitch.com

►♥◄ Low Carb Fruits High Carb Fruits: Helpful chart ranking the carb, glucose, fructose and sucrose content in fruits.

Brief "Mythbuster video disputing the ad claims on prop 37." -Michael Pollan's, a reputable food journalist, share Also, "Good point by point rebuttals to anti-37 deceptions in ads. Cal Journos, where are you on this?" http://prop37labels.com

The biggest pesticide, biotech and junk food companies don't want you to know what you're eating- so they've spent a million dollars a day to keep California.

Please click to watch the 2 Minute GMO video. Thank you. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0qMh9jJk4fQ

2 minute video explaining why GMOs are unsafe and should be labeled.

Confirmed Glyphosate Resistant Weeds in U.S. | The first step toward healing is to just admit you need help, Grey Area.

Over half of US states are now plagued by agrochemically-induced superweeds. An industry sponsored study of pesticide use predicts that by nearly a billion pounds of these toxic chemicals will be poured on US soils.

Health Infographic #Health #Infographic

Infographic: GE Foods at a Glance

Food Infographics - What are GMOs? GE (genetically engineered) Foods at a Glance.