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This colorful piece of jewelery is suitable for every occasion, especially summer casual evening outfits. Handmade soutache embroidery earrings. In the center we can find a gray acrylic bead. To add a sparkle I have used metallic gray glass beads. This pair of earring is made of bright pink soutache.

Gorgeous handmade earrings. They feature black glass beads surrounded with contrasting turquoise glass seed beads. To make this pair of earrings I have used black soutache. This piece of jewelery is ideal for evening outings as well as everyday casual looks. These earring a great gift idea.

These earrings are a great match for one of the black and red brooches. Gorgeous, very light handmade soutache earrings. Perfect for every occasion, especially for casual looks. They also look fantastic as an addition to formal, business outfits. To embroider them I have used dark gray soutache, red acrylic bead, red and black glass beads.

Grey and yellow hand embroidery soutache earrings