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soft French grey garden trellis fencing and gate, so pretty against the creamy pale stone



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Windows/ wrought iron overhang...+ boxwood pots -- privacy yet provides view, bit of safer feeling, & changeable for seasons

Project Gallery :: Verdone Landscape Architecture

i would like a garden like that but the only problem is that my garden is not that big.

Beautiful raised marble sink with specs of rust gold. Light up this look with Candle Impressions or Mirage LED candles for some evening ambiance.

stone-like floor love! neutrals with naturals and stone urn with greenery... wall sconce.. edges are soft and rounded not squared and sharp... beautiful

The main frame of the roundhouse would have been made of upright timbers, which were interwoven with coppiced wood - usually hazel, oak, ash or pollarded willow - to make wattle walls. This was then covered with a daub made from clay, soil, straw and animal manure that would weatherproof the house. The roof was constructed from large timbers and densely thatched. All of the domestic life would have occurred within the roundhouse.