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Your destiny is written in the stars, and the stars have been letting us know all about you.

What can I say!!!

Gemini truths, and this is why I am convinced that I suffer from the "Gemini curse".


"Geminis use rationalization to eliminate emotion. This is because they aren't comfortable with and don't trust feelings and emotion.

ahmen. lately i just let out the stress tho. fuck pretending!!

oh thats a quality through my zodiac lol and i thought it was me who was that smart haha. // Gemini have mastered the art of pretending things are ok when in reality is a big mess

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Here's something FUN! What is your Road Sign Horoscope and what does it say about you? Who even knew there was a Road Sign Horoscope? Well, we found it and now you can read all about it too! :) What does yours say about you?

And so begins three days of special birthdays. Bella - June 10 Tom - June 11 Jane - June 12

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yup . I am a gemini

Um yeas I'll have a double cheeseburger and fries- on second thought I want a wrap with a smoothie-just kidding I want some chicken nuggets.