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Later on when you can walk and run we can chase cats! Later on when you can walk and run we can chase cats! Later on when you can walk and run we can chase cats!

If you're a dog lover, re-pin and show your love <3 Ok It's not a doxie but awwwww.......

Ernst Haas "All horses deserve, at least once in their life, to be loved by a little girl." Best friend Sweetness (Bears) My human


Detective Golden at the scene of a murder. (or was that a dog who fell asleep in the rain?

Instructions how to hug a baby

How To Hug A Baby. These are the instructions on how to hug a baby. Instructor as , hug as / : sst: Find ababy- gnd: Second, be sure that the found object is r How to hug a baby Dog Big small funny Cute smile

For Granted

Bucket List: Never take his furry muzzle, wet nose, and warm licks for granted. Can't believe my baby is already (p. this is not my dog in the picture.

if I had a dog... I would stop!  I would stop anyways!

Little Baby has to go to the vet. A dog after my own heart who wants to go to Starbucks for a treat after the doctor.


30 Cats And Dogs Losing The Battle Against Human Furniture

Why did I not think of this? Keep my pup out of trouble.puppy time-out!


Parents are happy that their kids have the opportunity to have a dogs. children and dogs are the best of friends, as close as siblings and love each other.

See, . . . everyone . . . EVERYONE has something they can do to make the world a better place for us all.  You don't have to do everything; just do something that YOU love to make things better.

OMG, He Even Has His Own ID

we could learn a thing or two from animals: Therapy Dogs, Amazing Dogs, Reason Dogs, Companion Dog, Giant Schnauzer

This Is How Adaptive Immunity Works, Definitely Pro Vaccine As Well, But Enough Of This Keeping Children Sheltered And Sterile Shit

This Is How Adaptive Immunity Works

Let them play in the mud! Little girl and her dog after playin in the mud.