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AmyLyn Bihrle - "God wants the final period to be like the time of the Companions of our Prophet. God does not want a period of time in which women are oppressed, in which life lacks quality, arts, aesthetics and beauty." Esteemed Adnan Oktar TV; January

Details about Original Pastel Painting Black Cat Kitten schwarze Katze Chat noir Art by AiA

I used to have 2 black cats; however, one of them passed away, so I only have one. His name is Lovey <3 I miss his most of all while I'm in college!

Black Cat Original Art - Black Cat Lover Art - Black Cat Gift - Black Cat Decor

The StalkerOriginal Pastel Painting of a black by ArtByJulene, $125.00

Vintage paintings perfect for the internet, because KITTENS! [12 pictures]

German artist Meta Plückebaum was a still life painter whose work, in large part, focused on kittens. She lived from 1876 to 1954 and was therefore decades before her time, since the internet — with its inordinate adoration of all things cuddly and cat...