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Just say something bad that women say and say that to their face with "all women say--" and tell me if not most of them say "not ALL women--"

This video actually exists and the comment section is horrendous. Full of "men" slamming her for her looks or accusing her of ridiculous things.



There was actually another girl who played the other little girl, has 2 kids, and is happily married

Top Zac Efron did not actually sing in the first High School Musical movie. Genovia is not a real country. There was only one Lindsay Lohan in the Parent Trap movie. Blue from Blues Clues is a girl.

Even the birds try to kill you in Australia… Don't believe everything you read about 99% true

Funny pictures about Even the birds try to kill you in Australia. Oh, and cool pics about Even the birds try to kill you in Australia. Also, Even the birds try to kill you in Australia.

Stick to the recipe

twentyoneandpregnant: lifehackable: Hack Life Here I did this once and I thought it said two CUPS of vanilla extract and my whole house smelled like the pillsburry dough boys butt hole for a month.

A guy actually try to compare getting an inappropriate erection to periods!!!

My first post shall consist of this tumblr gold


When they stood with the victim of petty classroom theft. Never lend any mechanical pencil to anybody. As an artist, mechanical pencil is just too perfect to start a sketch. Mechanical pencil is a holy stationery.