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This is so true.

look simba, everything the light touches is Nacogdoches what about that shadowy place? that's Diboll, you must never go there, simba

I realize that I am highly educated and have an expansive vocabulary, but sometimes the most appropriate thing to say is OMG

Sometimes the use of my expansive vocabulary does not convey the point as well as a simple OMG or WTF!

In West Virginia it's called a pop

Which of These Regional Sayings T-Shirts Would You Wear?

In Michigan, we don't call it soda, soda pop, or Coke. We call it pop. Celebrate Michigan culture with this impossible soft vintage t-shirt. Designed in Michigan. Made in the USA.

do you have evidence to support your statement

::I love you ::Do you have evidence to support your statement ((I absolutely do! He might have a different way about him that some may not understand. I do! & My Husband shows me that he loves me. all the time. in one way or another. Love my baby))

to be honest

I wonder if my boyfriend does this ? I know I save his sweet text messages for this reason;