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sarasophief . Grappling at this moment in history with the role of masculinity in culture, politics and in our homes. Raising boys in the shadow of Trump & toxic masculinity has me meditating on this constantly.

I went to her Facebook page after seeing this pin and it's terrifying to see the comments people are adding to her post. Please visit it if you're on Facebook and show her support.

Think 2016 Was Bad? 2017 Will Almost Surely Be Worse

Since Trump won the presidency, Republicans have been puzzling over the most politically expedient way take away health care coverage from some 16.4 million people nationwide.

If Donald Trump has taught his dipshit kids that a million dollar loan for your dad "is "just about nothing", imagine how he'll treat people who actually have nothing.

Are you going to feed your baby formaldehyde? I would at least do extensive research and decide if the risk is there before I fed this to my baby. ❣Julianne McPeters❣ no pin limits