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This isnt just about fitness. If you've ever said "I wish I could but..." then this applies to you. Don't let your own fears, previous failures, self-doubt, or others' doubt, hold you back. Just be sure what you want to achieve lines up with the priorities in your life. I wanted to work from home on my own schedule/have more family time..& i love #fitness, so I chose to make some sacrifices to be able to build a fitness business where I could achieve that

Did you know today is #nationalselfieday -- Well shoot, I thought EVERY day was national selfie day. -- Here is why I think selfies are awesome: 1. It shows PROGRESS not PERFECTION 2. It forces you to look in the mirror and love the person staring back at you 3. It can be almost a photo diary of your life 4. Because they aren't that serious. They can be funny. They can share emotion. They can help you connect with people on social -- Happy National Selfie Day! shop.iamfitandfunky.

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35 Motivational Fitness Quotes GUARANTEED To Get You Going - Simple Beautiful Life

nice 35 Motivational Fitness Quotes GUARANTEED To Get You Going - Simple Beautiful Life

Did you fit in some kind of workout today? This was my pre-workout pic .. It was a 30min spin, & a 40-min total body lift workout w/no breaks! (For those who asked, my routine is a hybrid of SO many things.. It's on Instagram ~7 rows of pics down). I thought I was #beast when i finished.. until we started watching the CrossFit games ;) One benefit of working out at home is that you're the fittest person in the room!!! (well, unless my husband joins me ;)

Get out of your comfort zone. When I was on the Kelly & Michael show, had I not asked if we could do a triple plank, I wouldn't have known the outcome. I would have regretted not taking the chance more than risking of falling on my face.

It's not about the number on the scale or your size, its about taking control of your day and of your life. It's about discovering what you thought was impossible is POSSIBLE when you set a goal and work hard. Injured? Focus on what you CAN do. No time? Make time. No motivation? Flip your switch! See u in #Turboween tonight! #justdoit #noexcuses