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"if stuff is made for men, it’s practical and helps them be human beings  if stuff is made for women, it’s pretty and helps us be decoration"

i have bought men's razors and shaving cream for the last couple years and i have saved a fuck ton of money

Panels - either for letting down or for wrapping stuff around the waist. Idea.

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| Pinterest: •❂ TribalModa | African men invented swag. I love the muscle definition and this outfit! More

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I'm great full we have uniform instead of allowing us to wear casual clothes so we don't have issues like this

If you agree, pass it on. If "boys will be boys," then girls will be girls!<<--Preach it!

Instead of imposing strict dress codes on girls, shaming them, and prioritizing male students' education ...

Instead of imposing strict dress codes on girls, shaming them, and prioritizing male students' education. and this is where slut shaming college girls and adult women starts.

35 Men Show Us What Real Men's Activists Look Like - Mic

can understand a dress is not a yer. Campaign for women respect , men for feminism.

This folk dress is typical of the Samburu people of East Africa which means butterfly. In these tribes girls would receive strands of loose beads from admirers. The ideal amount would support a girls chin. By 15-16 a girl should have collected enough for a marriage proposal. Males were also just as decorative as girls.

Kenya, Laikipia, Ol Malo

Change "female bodies" to "bodies associated with femininity". There's no such thing as a "female body".

It drives me to distraction that clothing companies have such power over how girls dress and are viewed in society. If you want us to dress modestly, start making clothes that do not sexualize us.

Wear what you want

when you say 'let people wear what they want' i hope u include muslims in niqabs and men in makeup, not just whit girls in AA tennis skirts