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Amanda Angelica Budino Becomes American Citizen At 100 Years Old

One-hundred-year-old Amanda Angelica Budino became an American citizen on Aug. She hails from Argentina. Her wish was to become an American citizen before she dies.

Pew's state of American Journalism 2012 report

New Pew Research on Mobile Devices & News Consumption -- interesting stuff!

Five-year-old Chinese boy becomes youngest pilot

Beijing, Sep 3 — A five-year-old boy from China has become the Guinness world record holder for the youngest person to pilot a plane.

Chinese daily lauds India's indigenous aircraft carrier

Beijing, Aug 21 — The launch of India’s indigenous aircraft carrier INS Vikrant has demonstrated the country’s success in building large ships, a leading Chinese daily said Wednesday.

Zimbabwe poachers get 16 years in prison

Harare, Sep 26 — A Zimbabwean court Wednesday sentenced three poachers up to 16 years in prison for killing 87 elephants using toxic cyanide in one of Africa’s prime elephant sanctuaries, med…

33-year jail term for CIA's aide Afridi overturned in Pakistan

jail term for CIA's aide Afridi overturned in Pakistan

Terror threat remains 12 years later, says outgoing FBI chief

Washington, Aug 23 — Outgoing FBI director Robert Mueller, who took over just a week before the Sep 2001 terror attacks on America, believes that the threat remains though its nature has change…

Positive Psychology Promoter ~ How Do We Measure a Good Life?

Samantha Boardman: Prioritizing Experiences That Enhance Our Well-Being

Republican Idiot Boehner to do fifth Benghazi investigation, this after 41 votes  to take away ObamaCare for 8 million Americans. Do you see a republican trend of incompetence here? Read the article from Daily News.

Another Benghazi investigation would be ‘colossal waste of time’: pol

House Speaker John Boehner says special committee needed to investigate Benghazi - Washington Times