Explore Pokemon Bulbasaur, Pikachu and more!

No. 1 bulbasaur!

Baulbasaur has so much spunk and is absolute gorgeous pokemon, mostly over looked, I think it deserves more credit for how amazing it is ;

All of the starters

All of the starters drawn in their premier style/colors/shading. Point proven: every generation of Pokemon gets uglier

Bulbasaur by TsaoShin on DeviantArt

Bulbasaur loves you! ♥ Do you love Bulbasaur?ü Inspiration from: pixiv art [link] Bulbasaur


what if he's spinning on his bulb.and is like upsidedown.

An exercise in icon making.  I think I have started something terrible.   Let’s take votes and guess on how many pokemon I will get to before I give up.

1 Starters and their evolutions Ok, bulbasaur or charmander would be perfect for a tattoo. Probably bulbasaur for me since I absolutely love plants lol