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In the Ford leveraged its considerable reputation for quality trucks into an entirely new line—the N-series. These trucks slotted between the “conventional” light-to…

labatts_white by peterbox, via Flickr

Consider this Labatt's Brewing Company 1939 tractor/trailer beer delivery truck. The paint color was red with gold lettering - they just don't make them like they used to.

old school...

My Dad was proud to be an excellent truck driver. He was accident free for all the years he drove, which was most of his life.

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This 1958 Ford COE ramp truck is the stuff dreams are made of, and for sale!

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I remember seeing this truck in an old Overdrive mag. Made from a Ford Econoline van.

A "Ford Econoline Van/Cab`Over`Engine~Semi" The Trailer could be taller/cab…

Big ol' Kenworth K100 Cabover with custom everything, belonging to Evil Knievel..... What a unit!

Big ol' Kenworth Cabover with custom everything, belonging to Evil Knievel. What a unit!