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Someone please play ball with me! #boxer

Someone please play ball with me! My boy still does this but then you go to grab it and he picks it up and runs around wanting you to chase him

I'm on to you........

This is so true, my Max gets so jelly when I give attention to another dog. Boxers, you gotta love them.

not my pup, but this is adorable!

Pinner says: "haha! my little pup LOVES alcohol. after you take a drink. she will come over and try to lick it off you lips.

Dogs Can Sleep Anywhere, In Any Position..

12 Dogs That Can Sleep Anywhere, In Any Position. ~~ Love the one with the Bassett Hound.body is in the big flower pot and his head is in the little flower pot!

"Lyle, did you put on sunscreen before you came out here?"  (boxer)

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