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Emma Bull was right when she said, “Coincidence is the word we use when we can’t see the levers and pulleys.” The timing of Israel’s recent assault on Gaza is not coincidental. It is the culmination of several factors: The Hamas-Fatah unity; Israel’s escalation of illegal construction in occupied territory; the collapse of the peace talks; the success of the BDS movement; and the growing number of Europeans warning against investment in occupied territories.

Pyrex (JAJ) "Drinkups" (glass drinking cups with grey plastic handles) x 4, in original box, c.1960s-70s (SOLD) -

"Look out there... This is what's left of my home. The skeletons of dark and dusty buildings rising from their graven ash. So it's not a matter of going home, you see. It's about building a new one."

Concept Root - Concept Art from the Games and Movie Industries. I chose this image in particular as it relates to the Zombie Dystopia theme. The street is empty and abandoned. Perfect piece of research to interpret when drawing backgrounds.

We are living in the days of "those kings" spoken of in Daniel 2:44. To save righteous people God will intervene in man's affairs. Earth will be released from it's unseen "god" Satan. 1 John 5:19 Learn more at

In pictures: Apocalyptic Manchester

Manchester Apocalypse: Urbis by James Chadderton. The artist said he imagined a "human devoid wasteland where the buildings have been left to decay".