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isn’t he just a cute little gummy bear?

isn’t he just a cute little gummy bear?

I don't think I have ever seen a more perfect video that sums everything up so perfectly. I will show this to everyone who has not seen this show, just to get them to watch it!

I bloody well cried. Heart-wrenching to any Sherlockian" <----agree!I didn't expect it to be THIS brilliant. The music, the montage and the most perfect quotes;

Oh God!!! That face

He has Sherlock hair in the Other Boleyn Girl. It's driving me mad! I'm thinking "Sherlock! What on earth are you doing dancing the jig?

Sherlock - Benedict Cumberbatch is soooo beautiful. And just look at those cheek bones!

Am I the only one that feel like this is the baptism of Baby Watson and Mrs Hudson and Sherlock are gosparents?

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"Sherlock BBC - sherlock Fan Art" - I am never going to make it away from my front page because so many awesome pins keep popping up that I just have to repin! xD

Just a picture of Sherlock in that gorgeous Belstaff coat. (Random side note: I miss my Sherlock coat! Australia's lovely, but Jersey has some good Sherlock coat weather)

Stupid sherlock

Stupid sherlock

Sherlock - Season 3 Trailer. Season 3 will be on air  in a little while, be patient!!!! Only a few months to wait!!! So, here is a tiny piece of treat....

Season 3 will by on air in a little while, be patient! Only a few months to wait! Haha who am I kidding I'm going to die before that happens.probably from a severe case of feels.