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I think this photo is amazing. I love how there is black paint or dirt around the eyes almost as if the boy is hiding something. You can see a bold expression in his bright blue eyes. This gives me inspiration to create a bold focal point in my pictures.

The more hidden your shadow is,the more covert an influence it will have on you. Once you are prepared to shine a light on the darker parts of yourself, you must be prepared to be honest about what you uncover.I believe that you will never be completely fulfilled until you look in every corner of yourself to reveal what lies deep within. Until the moment that you face your fears & honor your shadow side, there will exist a depth inside you that you can't fathom. - Denise Linn.

She never knew love, until she met Patrick. She truly loved him. Sure they teased each other constantly and had a couple of fights but when it finally came down to it she loved him. She loved Patrick Ebony. And now he was gone, and it was all her fault.

A very interesting and somewhat new concept of portrait photography that shows the model holding up a frame, only to reveal the back of their face. It gives off a strong anonymous identity that makes you want to be able to physically walk around and see their face.

Believe it! Take pictures or make paintings and cover part of the body and write things like I'm Pretty, I'm beautiful, I'm Skinny, I'm sad (over eyes) then ask why don't you believe it just cause I'm not showing you doesn't mean that's not true)