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Wrinkles Wallpaper from Funny pictures! This is a funny pic of a chubby wrinkled baby and a chubby wrinkled puppy. Sweet, Cute and Funny!

Bone covers

The picture is capturing a Boston Terrier Dog who's totally in heaven for having the rights of sleeping with all of the cookies. Look at this dog in heaven.

Funny animal - cool picture

Funny animal - cool picture

The eyes say it all. :)

Funny pictures about Blooming Pomeranian. Oh, and cool pics about Blooming Pomeranian. Also, Blooming Pomeranian photos.

puh leeze

Cat Humor: You've owned cats for this long and you honestly believe that yelling "Get down" and pointing is going to work? I never learn :)

A tiny dog wearing a dish glove. - Imgur

A tiny dog wearing a dish glove.

Just in case you're having a bad day, here's a tiny dog wearing a dish glove. AWW it reminds me of marmar - she is the only person I know who has both a tiny dog AND might really wear dishgloves. who wears dish gloves?

Jaja ja esa soy yo...

Dont tell me it's Monday! Funny quotes, cute puppy days of the week humor.that's so me on some Monday's!

best images and photos ideas about awesome chinese shar pei dogs - oldest dog breeds

(17+) Oldest Dog Breed in The World (EXOTIC INSIDE)

puppy bed and breakfast.

Bed and breakfast.

Funny pictures about Breakfast In Bed, tagged with bed, breakfast, dog, puppy posted in Gags

31 Animals Who Just Want Halloween To Be Over Already

31 Animals Who Just Want Halloween To Be Over Already