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Bulletin Boards & More | Calendars | Poppin' Patterns® Months of the Year | The Education Depot is a retail store specializing in teaching materials for professionals and parents. Located near Chicago's Lakeshore, the store was established in 1985 by Deborah Ockrim and the Ockrim family. Deborah previously taught at Paul Robeson HS in Chicago.

Create positivity in the workplace. Small bulletin board, front of a thank you card, large clips, sticky notes, colored sharpies, and thumb tacks. Easy and cheap way to promote a positive work environment! The challenge? Encourage employees to put their gratitude in writing daily/weekly and let it collect for the month!


What if? To start the year to introduce how to be self managers when the teacher is working with small groups.

FREE! COMMON CORE! Now that the Common Core standards stress informational text, teachers will be looking for worksheets they can use at the beginning of the new school year. Download my worksheet to add to your CC collection!

Making Inferences Using Pictures

MAKING INFERENCES USING PICTURES~ Students who struggle with text have difficulty getting a complete “picture” of what’s going on. One way to simplify instruction is to teach inferences using only picture clues. Pictures can be decoded more quickly and are accessible to all readers. Includes 14 worksheets and 2 assessments. Great introduction and practice making inferences! $

Decimal of the Day (Decimal Review)

Decimal of the Day - This pdf file contains everything you need for up to 2 months of decimal review (and even longer if you wish!)

Each Folder is a month...Don't waste time sifting through piles of worksheets - save yourself the headache and create a “master book,” a tool that organizes all your papers and keeps them all in one place. Tackle your mound of papers by sorting through each one, tossing what you don't need and keeping one copy of every important worksheet. Place them in a 3-ring binder with dividers for each month.