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You're Bacon Me Crazy was great!

Fantastic travel book. Lots and lots of appealing details about seeing Paris. The addition of a British friend, as well as the mother-daughter bond added a bit more meat to the story, but the travel portions are the real selling point here. Review from Ms. YingLing Reads.

New Mallory! For #23, she's joining the basketball team. But the comparison with Mallory and Michael Jordan sadly end there... How can Mallory contribute to the team? Find a free sample chapter of Game Time, Mallory! on our website.

Stretch yourself this winter and broaden your “book” horizons by completing our book challenge! Let us know if you plan to join us and what books will make your list!

"Prisoner 88" by Leah Pileggi: In 1885, ten-year-old Jake is sent to prison for killing a man who threatened his father, and struggles to survive the harsh realities of prison life in the Idaho Territory.

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