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James Wappel Miniature Painting: Gretchen Von Konigsmark from Raging Heroes

We have another one of the Konigsberg Sisters from the amazing Raging Heroes line. This time it's Gretchen Von Konigsmark.

Knights of the Order of Filth... appear in the second book, once they hordes cross the sea

Knights of the Order of Filth. appear in the second book, once they hordes cross the sea

James Wappel Miniature Painting: Hildegard von Königsmark from Raging Heroes

Here's a fantastic mini from Raging Heroes! She is Heldegard von Konigsmark, one of three sisters from the limited edition set.

Alastriel by AnneCooper, basing

Alastriel Elf Sorceress, from Reaper Miniatures Dark Heaven Legends Line, sculpted by Werner Klocke, painted by Anne Cooper. I added the waterfall Paint.

Wonderful skin tones, gorgeous paint job.

From a purely artistic perspective it is a beautiful sculpt with an incredible paint job. That is where my critique ends of this mini.

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