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Schild Estate Shiraz 2008. One of my all time favourite reds.

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How to make the God Father Cocktail

The Godfather cocktail is a sophisticated, yet simple recipe. It consists of just two ingredients: scotch whisky and amaretto.

Chardonnay: This popular, adaptable white wine grape can be grown in just about every wine-producing country in the world. It is the grape behind the famed dry, white burgundies of France and one of the principal varietals in champagne. Typically, chardonnay is an oaked wine with medium-high acidity and a fuller body. It's flavors and aromas can range from toasty and vanilla (from the oak) to tropical fruits to slightly earthy. Food Pairing: Fatty fishes and rich cream sauces.

so im proud of myself. I made one of my friends listen to The 1975 bc she didn't know who they were and i only ever talk about them and show pictures of them to her. So i made her listen to both albums AND SHE TOLD ME SHE IS IN LOVE

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MILES DAVIS kind of blue LP VG+ CS 8163 Stereo White 360 John Coltrane 1959

Torn between this and Sketches of Spain as to which is the greatest Miles Davies album (and, in consequence, the greatest Jazz album of all time. For let us be under no illusions here, Miles is the King). I'll probably pin the other one as well just for balance.

Signet by Glenmorangie Aroma A strong Aruba espresso fused with a treacly plum pudding, rich with sherry, and candied orange peel. Taste A contrast of rich sweetness with an explosive crackle of sizzling spices and bitter mocha. Finish A fresh spring-like breeze of mint with a bright citrus lemony-green quality. Colour Deep amber - Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Made this Quorn cottage pie yesterday for Sunday dinner for myself and my boyfriend, and it was so yummy! I didn't use Worcestershire sauce, but I did add a good splash of red wine - yummm!

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Mushroom & spinach risotto

Mushroom & Spinach Risotto

Sweet jars with your favourites in wine gums and Haribos

As much as it pains me to say it, but Diageo did something right with this one! Lagavulin, 16yr old Scotch Whisky.