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Symmetry in nature! Kiwi! Beautiful!

Fractal symmetry in nature, Kiwi? (don't know if it is truly a symmetrical fractal, but it is beautiful. :) I like it because of the circle in the kiwi.

Golden Ratio

Objects of Divine Satisfaction by Alistair Begg, Truth for Life One Place

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Sphere 3D iPhone Wallpaper

This might look like a beautiful, colorful paperweight, but it's not glass. It's digital art.

Fractal art

Beautiful 3D Graphics by Joe Maccer

The Oriental Rose Joe Maccer is American artist who created the abstract graphics, flowers with beautiful colors.

harmony_for_magnusti78_by_johnnybg.jpg (1280×1200)

This fractal is a gift for Thanks for your support and friendship! Harmony for