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Budapest: A Clintasha Fanfiction: Chapter One Part Two

Selena, ex Marine, highly dangerous, rogue agent. She is sent to kidnap your character, and when they open their door in the middle of the night, they see this. Why was she ordered to kidnap them? By whom? @icfranktoth

[Submitted by: John R. McFerren  After several instances of Drunk Science, we are prohibiting the viewing of all episodes of Mythbusters involving alcohol until further notice. Anyone caught viewing an episode of Mythbusters while imbibing alcohol during this prohibition will be given Loki-sitting duty for a month.]

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Girls Rolling Backpacks Reviews - 2013 Best Backpack With Wheels

Another pinner wrote "I love this, because Tony really respects him. I mean he is not afraid of what he becomes, he loves it. He knows that it's apart of Bruce, and that is just so incredible. Their friendship is one of my favorite parts of the movie."

[Submitted by: Firestorm17 For obvious reasons, Dr. Banner is no longer allowed to play Angry Birds. Personnel who attempt to involve the Hulk in a “live action” version of the game will be held responsible for all property damage and medical bills. Mr. Stark is advised that developing a smartphone game called “Angry Hulk” is both bad public relations and likely to irritate Dr. Banner.]

“Hulk Will Smash For You” // artwork by Oliver Coipel and Laura Martin (2012) If something has to be explained about this page for the new generation of readers it’s that Captain America is a natural leader. He’s not the strongest guy in the Marvel Universe, but his judgement and leadership are accepted by beings of God-like nature like Thor, by the smartest industrialists and scientific minds like Tony Stark and Hank Pym to even a raging monster like Hulk.