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Im an Alpha Wolf!!! Ever wondered what type of wolf you'd be? Well, now you can find out!

What Kind Of Wolf Are You?

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How to find your Animal Totem. What are animal totems? Animal totems are spirit guides but in the form of an animal. We all have an animal guide that has been with us since our birth like spirit.

What's Your Guardian Animal? Wolf The wolf is a born hunter, following you, never letting you leave their sight. You've gained this gift from conquering something difficult.

What's Your Guardian Animal?

What's Your Guardian Animal?i got the wolf who is a born Hunter. I received this guardian from conquering come thing difficult.

What Animal Are You Like When You're Angry? | Personality Quiz

What Animal Are You Like When You're Angry?

Fishes! Me fishes!

This wolf is ready to play. A domesticated dog will pose the same stance as this wolf when wanting to play

Wolf injured by hunters limps into govt building - People's Daily Online

''This poor suffering wolf was freed from a leg hold trap. This photo shows a still terrified animal not trusting his rescuers (can't blame him for not trusting people). Why are these traps legal?

Wenchrrg. Wolves with uncanny intelligence that went from stalking dear and such animals to hunting humans. Run in packs. Near the beginning of the third age, they were ruthlessly cut down and driven into the less inhabited northern provinces. Now their skill and intelligence is merely legend to those who have never seen them.

Wolf Art Print by Julie Hoddinott. My favorite creature in the animal kingdom

Two campers from Florida rescued what they thought was a stranded puppy while visiting Idaho’s Smoky Mountains last month. When they took their adorable new pet to the vet, they learned it was a WOLF. According to officials and experts in the government and wildlife advocacy groups, the 6- or 7-week-old, 20-pound pup is the first known baby wolf to be mistakenly picked up by people since the animals were reintroduced to the region in 1995.- HA!

campers in Ketchum, Idaho found what they thought was an adorable lost puppy, they immediately took it to a nearby vet clinic in town. According to the kind campers had no idea that the animal was not a baby dog, but rather a wolf pup! so adorable.

I love wolves

The groundhog said six more weeks of winter.So I ate him.