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Galapagos land iguana. Photograph by John Swank.

Have wanted to go here since reading the book in HS - Sea Lions on Galapagos Islands by Trevor Cole

from National Geographic News

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'The sea is heavy as oil. Giant creatures pass, dragging the sea into shock waves. Some people know because it gives them headaches. The creatures are rarely seen except in green flashes of phosphorescence, which are talked about for days.'

Blue Footed Booby. So cute it almost looks like he is looking at his feet

How I feel about my job sometimes: 1. The positive approach works best. 2. You need a lot of patience. and 3. If you try and kick it into action, you just hurt your feet,

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Art by Charley Harper

Charley Harper Finches

from Education

Blue-Footed Booby

Blue-Footed Booby~I saw this cool dude on a nature show, I couldn't get over those feet!!

Beautiful falls of Yasuni National Park in Ecuador • photo: Pete Oxford / Minden Pictures on Getty Images

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