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Ode to H

My little H has been, what I thought was sick for days, but a trip to the Dr confirmed it WAS only allergies. Even so she still coughs so hard she gags herself and doesn’t get sound sleep at night.

Ten Reasons I'm a Superhero

This is a funny list because all I can think about is being dressed up in a slutty super hero Halloween costume! Without further ado, here … Continue reading →

Office Revamp-Part 1- The Book Nook

I am madly working on getting my office organized, well the whole house for that matter. The hallway to the attic is a mess! I keep doing little projects like the kitchen counters, and then moving the junk to the … Continue reading →

Illegal?  (iPPP link-up)

I’m sure some super mom somewhere is calling child control but my gals had fun. We love heading to our favorite local bar, M. It just so happens tonight the girls … Continue reading →

Easter Morning & Lovely Traditions

Easter Morning & Lovely Traditions

Say Hail Yeah for New Shoes

She is one funny kid. First of all they got new shoes. I want to thank Target from the bottom of my heart for making adorable orange shoes for a little girl. Does anyone out there … Continue reading →

Do You Use Your  Trick-or-Treat Manners?

As I obnoxiously mentioned many times before, I love Halloween. We live in a great neighborhood where truckloads of people come in and have fun for a few hours. While I love this to death especially since I don’t … Continue reading →

To Helmet or Not to Helmet?

My husband is a dare devil with our kids. They love all the fun things they do with Daddy, while the over protective Mommy nags on the side lines. One hot topic that always comes up is safety pads and … Continue reading →

Who Says Damn-it?

So the girls made it pretty obvious that I need to watch my mouth more. It’s no secret that I love swear words. I’m like a sailor. Sometimes I say so many I start giggling like a school girl. It’s … Continue reading →

In the Mind of L

Who cares about time-out, she can’t keep me in this corner forever What? The “I have to go pee-pee” during time-out didn’t make her forget I was in time-out. I guess I will pull down my pants and show her … Continue reading →

Reminders of Just HOW Different the Girls Are

This holiday weekend I was reminded of just how different the girls are. We used to spend the weekend at my sister’s house, along with the other 30 maniacs but we’ve decided it’s easier to stay at home and drive … Continue reading →

Why is it SO Hard to Leave?

I am scared to death to leave my kids. As many of you know I have “slight” separation anxiety when we aren’t together. Steve and I are about to sail away on a week-long cruise and I’ve had a tight … Continue reading →

To Shoe or Not to Shoe?

That time of year when I have to go through the clothes and shoes to see what we need. Luckily, we have some great hand me downs in storage including shoes. The girls were … Continue reading →

Last Easter Post of 2012…I Promise….or do I?

OKAY DONKEY (that should have read okay dokey but I loved spell checks version better)! This may or may not be my last Easter post but I can’t help it; I had to share some … Continue reading →