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10 Dog Breeds That Live Long Lives

Pembroke Welsh Corgis join the Vulnerable Breed List in the UK, but hold strong in the hearts of Americans Corgis have captured the heart of the royal fami[.

Now that is hilarious! Only doxies tend to do this with couch cushions.

6 Things It's Okay To Do After Losing A Pet | Care2 Healthy Living

You might not know "how" to grieve after losing a pet - and that's perfectly okay.

Daily Cute: Dogs and Cats Sit Down for a Hilarious Holiday Feast-video

The folks over at Freshpet bring us this delightful interpretation of a holiday feast -- full of a range of personalities that might look a

The Law Of The Wild says "Kill ONLY when you are hungry." And they say humans are more civilized than animals...(La Ley de la Wild dice "matar sólo cuando termine tienen hambre." Y dicen que los seres humanos son más civilizados que los animales ...)

The Law Of The Wild says "Kill ONLY when you are hungry."

The Law Of The Wild says "Kill ONLY when you are hungry."(not my quote) The mother of these cheetah probably attacked and stunned this prey animal in order to teach her young to kill their own food.

Romanian Grandma Saves Hundreds Of Dogs & Cats From Freezing | Care2 Causes..Bless her heart! <3

Romanian Grandma Saves Hundreds of Dogs & Cats From Freezing, Bless you loving heart beautiful lady!

Such a cute sleepy Golden Retriever Puppy!

Cute of the Day: Puppy Falling Asleep on the Stairs - The World of Nardio