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There’s a stigma associated with male ballet dancers and this attitude needs to be buried. Male dancers are strong, supportive, and talented. If you’re thinking about trying a ballet class, here’s a little boost to get you moving.

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10 Pointe Shoe Hacks For 2016

The most adorable little dancer! Little dancers all growing up to be amazing!

all ballet moves and positions with the names and pictures - Google Search

The Best Time Of Day To Take Ballet Class

A List of MUST know ballet terms (will help at auditions when choreographers are shouting out the combo in double time) :-)

first grand jeté ideas for practice

'Jumping' Students at North Atlantic Dance Academy ~ Photo by Richard Calmes

Little ballerinas

To The Dance Studio That Taught Me More Than Dance Lessons

So sweet! The one hanging upside down reminds me of myself at that age.

See Jack? I told you this was a bad idea. You're a boy, this is no place for boys and besides you're too small anyway." "Pwetty please mummy? I can weach the barre on my tippy toes. Please let me be a ballewina like big sis!"

Hawkins School of Dance South Staffs

Can't wait for my daughter to start dance classes or want to become a ballerina =)

Teaching a little kids dance class is really so much fun, when you look past all…

What To Wear In Ballet Class

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This picture portrays movement because it shows the dancer getting ready to change her pose. It also looks as if the dandelions are about to fly away into the wind. This picture is a graceful way to show movement.

Fred Astaire and Rita Hayworth. 1941.

Rita Hayworth and Fred Astaire Dancing Rita Hayworth & Fred Astaire. We always associate Fred Astaire with Ginger Rogers. However, Astaire admitted the person he most loved dancing with was Rita Hayworth.