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(Share with students) Want to win a notebook signed by One Direction? Here's your chance! Sign up for Wake Up calls from One Direction, Trey Songz, Wiz Khalifa, Victoria Justice and more - and you could win!

Student Data Graphs, Goal-Setting, and Self-Reflection Sheets {K-2}

NEW (41 Pages) This a great resource for teachers who want to empower their primary students by teaching them to reflect on their strengths, set learning goals, and collect data to track their own growth. Very motivating and age-appropriate. It's a great companion to the "Ongoing Progress Monitoring Assessments" pack in this same TPT store. $6.00

Life in the Past, Life Today SmartBoard Lesson for Primary Grades

Enjoy hundreds of freebies! This booklet has direct links for free classroom ideas and printables! Teachers from all grade levels have participat...

Chevron Clipart Backgrounds Digital Paper for Commercial Use


We created a FREE 49 slide PowerPoint interactive activity that will help explain the components of the Daily 5 to our students. The students will be actively learning through think-pair-share and whole group discussions. We hope this will be a great way to start the year for ourselves and our students!

Got everything on my TpT wishlist... still had enough $ for diapers. {Sale is Aug. 12-13, use code BTS12 at checkout}

Emergency Sub Plans: Help I'm Sick and I Don't Have Sub Plans

We've all been there. You wake up feeling like death is tapping you on the shoulder. You push Mr. Death aside to haul yourself into school. Sub plans HAVE to be done! With the help of this sub emergency kit with plug-in lessons, and just a little preparation on your part, you will know all is well at school, and you can concentrate on getting better! $

States I've Been To. Looks like I have some traveling to do!