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Montipora capricornus. I really like the unique cup shape. There is pink/white colours throughout but it is mostly green or orange. It has a cup-like shape with wavy edges. There is no pattern. The texture would be quite rough.

News: Why You Need to Cook on a Himalayan Salt Block

Cook with a Himalayan salt block for perfectly salted food every time. Good for grills, stoves, and ovens! #DIY


One of the world’s most potent and powerful “hidden secrets” is nowadays the pink Himalayan salt! As the plates of the earth moved and over the ages pushed ...

A Cheese Plate for Vegans

Making vegan cheese from scratch can seem like a daunting project, but it really isn’t. You can create a fabulous holiday cheese plate by adding fresh and dried figs, grapes, pears, and apples, an assortment of nuts, and your favorite crackers and bread to these splendid cheeses.

10 Reasons to Own A Himalayan Salt Block & How To Use It

How To Use & Care For Your Himalayan Salt Block Remember: When you purchase a Himalayan pink salt block, use and care instructions should always be included with the slab. Always follow those provided guidelines first and foremost (before any of the following) to ensure you get the best results and longest life our of your HPS block. Designate a ‘Top’ and ‘Bottom’ Always cook… [read more]