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Rio Adams of the Kansas Jayhawks reacts on the bench during Iowa State game

Jennifer Lawrence facepalms Emma Watson at the Dior Fall 2014 Couture Show in Paris - Celeb Crunch

I love her. I love her I love her. I love people that make Jon Stewart lose it mid-interview.

Freakiest kids | The Freakiest Comments Kids Have Ever Made to Their Parents (13 pics ...

The 13 Creepiest Things A Child Has Ever Said To A Parent. Some of these are hilarious, kids are so weird sometimes

The hangover funny group project

A bright idea for simplifying differentiation with smart student grouping

Group Projects, so true. And as the Bradley Cooper of most groups, I really hate group work; It may as well just be an independent assignment, that way I can do it exactly the way I want.

funny pictures, spoon in the sink

Funny pictures about Lovely shirt you've got on. Oh, and cool pics about Lovely shirt you've got on. Also, Lovely shirt you've got on.

I just laughed out loud at this.

Funny pictures about Being forever alone makes you creative. Oh, and cool pics about Being forever alone makes you creative. Also, Being forever alone makes you creative.

My face when someone smells good

I mostly don't think you should be able to smell people when they walk past you.but this is probably my face when I hug someone and they smell nice.

I would love to do this with friends!

Things to do at the beach: Hulk smash. "This is not a Hulk Smash." "Earth bending at it's finest." This would be awesome for groom and groomsmen at a beach wedding.

Hilarious Funny Meme from House of Funny

Funny pictures about Kardashian Burn. Oh, and cool pics about Kardashian Burn. Also, Kardashian Burn.

"Parenting -  you´re doing it right!" =D

Cosplay level: Amazing dad

The Story Of "Little Red Riding Hood": My daughter wanted to me a wolf for Halloween, I decided to play along as a Little Red Riding Hood.

If u were a trumpet player... You would understand.<<<<if your any band kid you get this...

The 33 Stages Of Finals Week

Hahahaha shut upppp. I went and googled Tom Cruise and now I can't stop staring at that tooth.

You will never unsee this…

Tom Cruise has a tooth at the exact center of his face. Its because he is missing his left lateral incisor which should be right between the left front tooth and the left canine. Im missing that tooth too!

Batstache... Saved from techeblog.com Jeanne Wolfe Jeanne Wolfe saved to Halloween Batstache..

Funny pictures about Batman Mustache. Oh, and cool pics about Batman Mustache. Also, Batman Mustache photos.