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Patch Products has some pretty outstanding games but if you are like me you assume most are for kids…not true. Not only do they have a lot of game options for adults but one one in particular stands out for us…the Game of Things. Read the card and everyone else writes their response on a piece of paper, then the reader gets to try to guess who said what!

Ugh! is a hilarious card game by Calliope that my kids like to play with and without us. Your goal is to get the most points but the trick is you can only get points from “locked” sets of cards (basically 1 of each color). Beware the Ugh! card as that can cause you to lose cards!

No it’s not (the artist formerly known as) Prince’s new name. It is an awesome game using domino type tiles that challenges your mind, is super fun and frustrating all at the same time! The worth it kind of frustrating though so don’t panic. It is honestly best to play this game with older kids but you can teach your younger kids a different way to play. I’ll explain both ways here because this game is fantastic to teach kids various types of patterns!

Birds, Bugs and Beans is a silly and fun game by R & R Games. A card game meant for ages 6 and up (but the Diva can play too!) that has you slapping, clapping and making the Pfftt noise while laughing and having a great time. Who doesn’t like to make a Raspberry noise?

IELLO (which by the way is pronounced like yellow) makes some pretty amazing games. It is no surprise that I bring you another great game and this one is kid friendly too! Both of my kids LOVE The Hare and the Tortoise which is another in a fantastic Tales and Games series . Kids stories turned into games!

Treasure Trax is a fun scavenger hunt type game by Usaopoly. It is a cute game of finding clues which keeps kids active, engaged, learning and of course having fun!

Cardline Dinosaurs is an educational card game that is now both of my kids go to game. There are 110 cards and all of them have a dinosaur or other prehistoric creature on them. If THAT isn’t interesting enough they also have factual information about those animals so you can learn while you play. How awesome is that?

Pathfinder is a game where you create or pick a character and become that character and have a fantastic adventure right at your table! Now the recommended age is 13+ but the Beginner Box was used to teach kids as young as 4 (the Gentleman!) at Gen Con! That is actually (of course) how we discovered it and we are hooked!

Santa’s Bag is a fun resource management game that is perfect for the Holidays (or all year round). Kids are randomly lined up with various toys that require resources to make. Help Santa out by gathering the right resources to make the toys. Be the helper with the most points to win!

Back 2 Back is another AMAZING game created from one of my favorite game companies (admittedly I have a lot of those now) Smart Games (Smart Toys and Games). Yes it is technically a single player game and the recommended age is 7+ but again… my kids are younger and I LOVE playing games with them. SO! I taught my son (5 years old) how to play! Well sort of…we play together right now.