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amenhotepiv: “I fought through all manners of hell in my crusade years. I had my soul tested. I shed my blood. I had broken my bones in an ...


Giraffe Watercolor Art Print

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When the Necron forces of Aetehk descend upon a planet they leave few survivors, but through a few eyewitness accounts and the divination of seers, the signs of his arrival are the backbone of many myths. Only one man has reported to have seen Aetehk himself, and his name is said to have been dredged from the prophecies of the High Oracle of the Temple of Lies on Kymeris and pieced together via the diligent studies of Armat’Hek, Sorcerer-Champion of the Thousand Sons Legion.

Detail from a German publication calked Zukunft Roman (Future Novels), but no further info as to date or artist. #coverart #flyingsaucers #scifiart #spaceships

The Rubricae are warriors of the Thousand Sons Legion. These forever cursed Chaos Space Marines exist only as dust, entombed by power armour. Rubricae are automatons used by Thousand Son Sorcerers as bodyguards and enforcers.