Star Wars - Boba Fett by John Gallagher *

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ILM Art Department Challenge_The Moment, jeremy chong on ArtStation at

ArtStation - ILM Art Department Challenge_The Moment, jeremy chong

Raymond Swanland Silent Guardian  Giclee On Canvas SWOTLTD363 $395.00 #RaymondSwanland

Debuting at Celebration! Silent Guardian by Raymond Swanland - canvas and paper editions featuring Obi-Wan keeping watch over Beggar's Canyon and a young pilot.

A-Wing and B-Wing

This was one of my first quarter page illustrations I worked on. It was painted for Star Wars: Age of Rebellion Core Rulebook wayyyyyyyyy last year. Art Director: Zoe Robinson Copyright 2013 Fantasy Flight Games & LucasFilm, Ltd.

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Rebel Soldier

The blaster rifle was a type of blaster rifle mostly used by rebel troopers of the Rebel.

Star Wars - Jedi Artwork

This is a commission I did for Naglareph, it's showing his Star Wars OC Neph Fenri in Coruscant. It seems that the poor Thugs didn't know they were atta.