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Sludge from water treatment plant at Spier Wine Estate, Stellenbosch (byproduct is used as fertilizer).

We have expertise in offering our customers a variety of treatment options including sewage treatment plant that start from precast small packets to several million gallon plant waste water treatment. In line with our dedicated to the principle of sustainable development, appropriate technology, approach offer a variety of treatment options in the field of sewage treatment plant.

BioEnsure® - Adaptive Symbiotic Technologies - Securing Water for Food a fungal seed and plant treatment that, when sprayed onto seeds, helps plants to adapt to water-related stress. By applying BioEnsure®, crops can grow in suboptimal conditions and use 50% less water. BioEnsure is the only product on or soon to be on the market that can confer stress tolerance.

Commissioned by Avrosti Holding, the Zira Island Masterplan is a zero-energy resort situated within the Caspian Sea near Azerbaijan's Seven Peaks. Designed to be a model for sustainable development, the resort utilizes wind, water and solar energy systems -- including naturally powered desalination and water treatment plants. Source: © BIG

Self-Sustained Smart Structure Villa Sera is a self-sustained structure that harnesses power from solar panels, collects rainwater and uses gray water for plants, creating a microcosm that not only reduces the carbon footprint but contributes to the ecological system. The architecture is structured with steel and glass elements to form a strong, modern and spacious building. Greenhouse sections with innovative heat and air circulation for organic farming and plant growing

Some of the filtration tanks inside Microsoft's water treatment plant at its data center in Quincy, Washington. The company will lease the facility to the city for$10 a year as part of a partnership to develop a more sustainable water supply in Quincy.

Solar-Powered Water Treatment Plant Developed

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