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Being a well known manufacturer and supplier of waste water treatment plants, we supply water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, effluent treatment plants in India. Our experts have designed efficient water treatment plants in different sizes, designs and shapes to give the desired results.

Green on the Vine - Growing grapes and developing a vineyard might not be the first thing wastewater operators think of doing to upgrade the landscape of a treatment plant. But that’s exactly what the Clifton (Colo.) Sanitation District did to help transform a former biosolids lagoon site into a sustainable agricultural area and wildlife habitat. When the two sanitation districts in Clifton merged in 2006, they agreed to build a new 2.5 mgd extended-aeration activated sludge treatment…

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Larger-scale biogas schemes can produce enough gas to run an engine that generates electricity. This is often done in sewage treatment plants in the UK, and there are a growing number of large farm-based plants in Germany and elsewhere. Biotech also supplies plants to manage the waste from vegetable markets, and produce gas for electricity generation. There are also programmes in Europe to clean biogas and feed it into the mains gas supply.

A waste treatment plant in Waterbeach, UK, is now being powered mostly with solar energy. Lightsource Renewable Energy Limited and Solarcentury have jointly developed the photovoltaic (PV) 5MW project that will provide 70 percent of AmeyCespa’s Mechanical Biological Treatment plant in the small village in the region of Cambridgeshire.

As municipalities, commercial developers and private landowners increasingly turn to green infrastructure to manage water at the site and regional level, plants and managed landscapes are taking a leading role.

The Stockholm Environment Institute conducted experiments and collected data that shows the usefulness of a resource every one of us has access to — urine. When utilized as a fertilizer, urine can provide an alternative to chemical fertilizers. The impacts ripple far beyond the nutrient value of the urine; in developing regions, diverting a urine waste stream to fertilizer has a significant economic value. These benefits can easily be recognized …