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WISE PUFFED CHEEZ DOODLES - These are the original melt-in-your-mouth Doodles that are often copied, but never beaten. Covered in real cheddar cheese, your taste buds will thank you.

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Family Dollar Deals - May 1 - 31

A Family Dollar customer captured a controversial moment when a Gary, Indiana, store manager ejected her over her niqab. ***True. There's freedom of religion, and innocent until proven guilty in the US, right???

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Cream Cheese Frosted Banana Nut Scones

Banana Nut Scones

David, oh David. How I loved you. Or was it Keith? That was really confusing. Why wasn't his name just David on the show?

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Fun & Free SAT Practice: Words Starting with J

The Brady Bunch (one of TV's first blended families) - 10 of Cups, reversed

Little Golden Books' back cover, 1977. "Suddenly.. it's Big Bird. And sorry kitty, you're old news. Enter a couple of real metropolitan hipsters.. Bert and Ernie. Bert's a staunch traditionalist.. a real square type. Watch as his button-down world gets shattered by Ernie's all-out, in-your-face outrageousness! Together they're the original odd couple.