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I shall not speak words which would only fall upon deaf ears...

Vote Description: Tips of index finger and thumb on primary hand held together and trace an 'X' on palm of secondary hand. Definition: The expression of one person's choice in a group decision. - See more at:

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French expressions – Essential Edition

Faire la sourde oreille - To turn a deaf ear. Here's a great source of French expressions for you: Only $3.90!

Sad Description: Flat hand held vertically starts in front of mouth and makes a downward movement - with sad expression. Definition: Unhappy or without joy. - See more at:

Today a deaf lady came into my work. When she mouthed "I'm deaf" I signed back "it's ok, I know a little sign language" Her facial expression made my day

Then how did he hear that question?<<<<< he probably saw her moving her mouth with a confused or angry expression