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AMEN!!!! So many kids AND adults... it might be too late for the adults but not too late for their kids!!

If u have children, remember this: When you finish with them, the rest of the world has to live with them, so please teach them respect. AND some manners I might add

Children should come before parents. The parents who don't spend time with their kids or make their kids do without things they need out of selfishness shouldn't have kids.

Very true. I hate selfish parents who only think of themselves first! There are WAY too many pretentious snobby selfish parents in TEXAS! They put their needs above those if their children.

Kiss your babies goodnight!

Primitives by Kathy Box Sign, Kiss Your Children/////// always always always and not just one about 100 times even though she is fast asleep and I whisper in her ear that I love her

I am tempted to get a Facebook just so I can post this and tag all those boys viral stocking my baby or all those girls whose momma's never taught them being a bully in life or online is just ugly

Absolutely true hurt my daughter or even my son I'll find you but I will have a shovel and hell with me too

This is the question we need to ask

Don't ask kids what they want to be when they grow up. Ask them what problems they want to solve. This changes the conversation from who I want to work for to what do I need to learn in order to be able to do that.


Funny Family Ecard: You’re not truly a parent till you’ve swatted blindly into the back seat of the car, hoping to connect with a kid.

Heel waar

Every child deserves a champion--an adult who will never give up on them. These ideally should be their parents

This goes out to all the supportive, amazing friends who have been there for me. They know who they are. Back at you, girl, back at you. xxoo.

Godden I will always be there for you no matter what. I will stand by you through it all. I will pick you up when you fall down each and everytime. I love you and that will never change.

Yelling.  So true. I must remember this...

-Effective Parenting YELLING silences your message. Speak quietly so your children can hear your words instead of just your voice.


Children live what they learn. We as parents need to set examples that form our children into outstanding adults