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Tracker is an adoptable German Shepherd Dog Dog in Marcus Hook, PA. Tracker 1 yo and low to medium energy - is a HUGE boy only a year old and more to grow. He loves all dogs and He will walk by your side even when things tease him to lead him astray! I love him- I want him!

he's such a squish omg fml<<<< happy birthday danyuuuuuuul

Vintagehome That is the paw of a professional digger, doxies dig. Hind feet are tiny, front paws are shovels

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black cat by BlastOButter on deviantart (via Pinterest) (Paws For Pets)

I need a black cat right now, preferably one named Salem, love you Sebs x

dreamed about my dad 2 nights in a row. last night he said "see you wednesday"........i'm gonna' wait this day out. ok?

It looks like Luke hemmings and harry styles shop at the same jean store lol

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone <3 Love and Hugs to all Humans and Wee Creatures!!!

This little fella cos he looks just like my boy when he was little (even tho my boy is a mastiff/springer cross, he looks just like this but has a white chest) :)