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Soft Ricotta and Apple Cake

A light, cheesecake-like dessert is softened with ricotta cheese and sweetened with an apple for a simple autumn dessert.

Apple Jalebi ( Eggless Desserts

Batter-coated apple rings fried till crisp and coated with fragrant saffron-flavoured sugar syrup… doesn’t that sound heavenly? it is! apple jalebi is nothing short of a delicacy, especially if served immediately after preparation. To make sure your jalebis are perfect, you need to be tactful when dipping the apple slices in the batter, because you need to dip them quickly yet carefully!

#Paratha Roll: Most Delicious Pakistani food to eat. In this you feel the taste of both chicken and Paratha. It's very easy to make at home #Pakistani Cuisine

Matar paneer

matar paneer recipe with step by step photos. simple and easy mutter paneer recipe. matar paneer is a classic north indian punjabi recipe which my mil makes. its simple, fuss free and easy.

Basic Spelt Crackers (Sprouted)