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Eagle Ray Rays in Hawaiian Waters The beautiful spot patterns on eagle ray bodies are indicative of their birthplace. Spotted Eagle Ray Scientific Name: Aetobatus narinari Hawaiian Name: "Hailepo"

Dolphin Theme Storytime Craft: 2 cute books for kids about dolphins with activities to correspond with the books. From School Time Snippets. Pinned by SOS Inc. Resources @sostherapy.

The Parks Australia Sustainable Tourism Overview 2011-2016 identifies the principles and objectives that will guide Parks Australia in sustainably managing tourism in over the next five years: Website also includes information on other Australian WHS and management / sustainable strategies:

The human brain has the same general structure as the brains of other mammals, but has a more developed cerebral cortex than any other. Large animals such as whales and elephants have larger brains in absolute terms, but when measured using the encephalization quotient, which compensates for body size, the human brain is almost twice as large as the brain of the bottlenose dolphin, and three times as large as the brain of a chimpanzee. #Glogster #Brain

Mammals feed their babies milk when they are young. :: "A Shared Fate", video: Ocean Pollution, Marine Mammal & Human Health :: For more than a decade ocean conservationist Hardy Jones fought to save dolphins and whales from blades and nets. But by the late 1980s he found that many of the dolphins he knew best were sick or dieing from high levels of toxins right off our shores. And in 2003 he was diagnosed with a form of blood cancer that is closely associated with high levels of pollution. See this extraordinary medical…