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Love the Kimberly Queen Fern! I need tips on how to get them to be this green and pretty!

aug 2012...kimberly queen patio fern

aug 2012...kimberly queen patio fern

Kimberly fern

Kimberly fern

Tn Tree Nurseries - Autumn Fern, $0.60 (http://www.tnnursery.net/autumn-fern/)

Autumn Fern

Autumn Fern is a bold and beautiful choice for shady borders and woodland gardens. A dwarf-growing fern with young papery fronds that display coppery-red color, maturing to deep green and deeply cut.

kimberly queen fern...my favorite

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Whether you are growing classic ferns in hanging baskets or filling shady outdoor areas with the rich texture of ferns, divisions and new starts allow you to add to your fern collection at little or ...

Information on Separating & Getting New Starts on Ferns

Dividing ferns, planting young ferns, growing ferns from spores - My New Gardening Plan