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Homemade Bath Bombs Recipes and Tutorials

Homemade bath bomb made with lemon essential oil and a sugar daisy on top. Really simple to make with fun and add a personalization and homemade touch to your Mother's Day gift.

LuLu*s How-To: Party Perfect Eye Makeup Tutorial ( Fashion Blog)

Your party calendar is full, you’ve picked out the dress, now it’s time to top off your look with our Party Perfect Eye Makeup Tutorial! Shimmering golds and a sleek black cat eye are the perfect pair

9 Pinterest-Found 'Dos for a Rainy Day

'Dos for a Rainy Day: The Twisted Top Knot. Lots of little coils create one great look. Twisting strands into mini-buns makes the giant topknot super-secure. DIY blogger Jenni Radosevich gives you the full how-to in her tutorial. #SELFmagazine

Tip of the Month - Top 20 Fruits and Vegetables that Help our Children Poop (with a Bonus

Is your kid constipated? Give him/her these fruits and vegetables daily to relieve constipation. Very quick natural remedy! You’ll be surprised how easy your kid will find relief if you use these tips.