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How do we go from #‎BlackLivesMatter to changing the policies that devalue black life? This moment feels both full of possibility and also in danger of going unfulfilled. Folks across the political…

1 week into Occupy Central with Love & Peace, 24 powerful images. 香港加油! #和平佔中 #occupy #occupycentral #central #hongkong #loveandpeace #pictures #photographs #photography

Four teen-agers huddle together, striking a severe pose like a boy band. In the background, just overhead, a sign looms: “Arbeit Macht Frei.” A girl …


ARTICLE - Millions of African Americans left the South from 1910 to 1970. Known as the Great Migration, this movement had a profound impact on the contemporary United States.

A website “Daily Beast” published an article on 20th July 2016 regarding a lawsuit filed in Wisconsin from the parents of a transgender boy. The lawsuit supposedly mentioned that transgender students were enforced to wear “Bright Green Wristbands”.

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